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Welcome to the fold Byron Bay Tea Company!

Byron Bay Tea Company has taken the standard herbal tea and infused it with additional elements resulting in a beautifully layered tea with enhanced flavours and added wellness benefits. Founder Sarita Merlo's love of natural medicine and the healing power of herbs led her on a journey to create a range of herbal teas that not only benefited health and wellbeing, but were also flavours that people would enjoy. Hand blended in Byron Bay using 100% natural ingredients, that are ethically traded with most certified organic. This Australian owned company has created some exceptional tea blends. 

We have designed a range of hampers that include the following popular teas. 

English Breakfast: A staple tea that most love to start the day with. It's made from the finest quality Assam and Ceylon tea and contains a high amount of flavanoids that act as anti-oxidants in the body. 
Hamper: Tealicious

Calming: A perfect tea to help unwind from a busy and stressful day. A chamomile base layered with Lime Flower, Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon. Chamomile is widely considered to offer relaxing and sedative properties assisting with anxiety and insomnia. Passionflower is a herbal medicine used to treat nervous tension, anxiety and insomnia. Lime blossoms also contain the same properties as well as easing raised blood pressure. 
Hamper: Calm the Farm

Digest: A unique twist on peppermint tea that has widely been considered to aid with digestion. A great tea to enjoy before, during or after a meal. Infused with lemon balm, used to calm and soothe the stomach, chamomile to promote relaxation and also assist with pain associated with bloating and fennel to stimulate digestion and appetite. 
Hamper: Rejuvenate

Energy:  This green tea will set you up for a great start to the day, revive you in the afternoon or energise your evening. Green tea is high in anti-oxidants, acting as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system due to it naturally containing a small amount of caffeine. It also increases mental alertness while at the same time inducing a sense of calm. Infused with Siberian Ginseng, a natural remedy to boost energy and resist stress and Gotu Kola an anti ageing brain tonic that helps improve memory and concentration. 
Hamper: Relax Renew Revive

Disclaimer: Please consult your Doctor or Naturopath if you have any health concerns. Do not take remedially. 

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